Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ready to Rent

Well, the duplex is close enough to to start showing. A few more nails and some cleaning and it's ready to rent. It took awhile, but it included some upgrades and maintenance that I hope will bring more rent and last through multiple tenants... I HOPE...

The living room had some abused, faded, animal stained carpet that I replaced with wood laminate flooring. I can swing a hammer at this stuff and it doesn't even leave a mark (literally). Only time will tell if it can stand up to tenants.

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carpet up... thin foam down, then "wood"

The bathrooms were not terrible, but the master bath's shower was destroyed by the previous tenant ( the owner). The tried to put in a new shower door. It was crooked, held in with sheetrock screws, caulked, painted, glued, puttied, and I think even some porcelain repair material.
I had to chisel off the old crud, which did chip it some, but the new door covers "most" of it. I replaced the vanity, mirrors, toilets and every water pipe and valve there was, becuase they all leaked as soon as I touched them. AND THIS BUILDING IS ONLY 15 YEARS OLD!?


AFTER, it's tough to get a good wide angle shot of the whole bath
BEFORE / AFTER shower door
Gee, ya that was almost straight? ( door removed, lookin straight down at the old bottom door rail.

"And they fastened it with sheetrock screws? WOW!

No base molding yet, but I'd say it looks a little better. There are a few "extra holes" that I left on the inside of the shower, but it is still WAY better than it was.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Duplex Update

Well I finally closed on the duplex and it's time to clean the spooge left by the previous owner. The tenant on the other side is great, the owner, who lived on this side, was the pig!

The only way to paint a cathedral ceiling :-)

Boy I love cigarettes. I had no idea that everything was this coated with tar until I sprayed the area with cleaner.
Faded carpet... Soon to be wood like. Oh, and when I pulled the carpet it became apparent that they had a cat. YUK!