Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ready to Rent

Well, the duplex is close enough to to start showing. A few more nails and some cleaning and it's ready to rent. It took awhile, but it included some upgrades and maintenance that I hope will bring more rent and last through multiple tenants... I HOPE...

The living room had some abused, faded, animal stained carpet that I replaced with wood laminate flooring. I can swing a hammer at this stuff and it doesn't even leave a mark (literally). Only time will tell if it can stand up to tenants.

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carpet up... thin foam down, then "wood"

The bathrooms were not terrible, but the master bath's shower was destroyed by the previous tenant ( the owner). The tried to put in a new shower door. It was crooked, held in with sheetrock screws, caulked, painted, glued, puttied, and I think even some porcelain repair material.
I had to chisel off the old crud, which did chip it some, but the new door covers "most" of it. I replaced the vanity, mirrors, toilets and every water pipe and valve there was, becuase they all leaked as soon as I touched them. AND THIS BUILDING IS ONLY 15 YEARS OLD!?


AFTER, it's tough to get a good wide angle shot of the whole bath
BEFORE / AFTER shower door
Gee, ya that was almost straight? ( door removed, lookin straight down at the old bottom door rail.

"And they fastened it with sheetrock screws? WOW!

No base molding yet, but I'd say it looks a little better. There are a few "extra holes" that I left on the inside of the shower, but it is still WAY better than it was.