Saturday, November 11, 2006

Board and Batten Siding Cut

Well I've added yet another pile of lumber. 1" hemlock that will be used for the siding on the shed. The far pile has about 800 board feet of siding. Since everything is green, and hemlock tends to check alot as it dries, I'll be putting on vertical board and batten siding. This will allow for movement as the siding dries, and the vertical checking will shed water instead of holding it. This may be the last pics for awhile because my camera is starting to fail from a bad lens motor ( a well know "feature" of this model :-()

This is whats left of a pile of logs after you make siding. Lovely isn't it, just call me Billybob. Although, I have to say, I've used almost all of the trees that were moved to make way for the driveway.
This is why you don't leave the bark on logs all summer... worms! Fortunately only one log was infested.