Sunday, January 14, 2007

Done... maybe

Well, I think I've done all that I'm going to. Which is alot. I really didn't plan on doing anything after October, so I as far as I'm concerned this entire building is a bonus. Other than making the window for the dormer, I think I'm done until spring, which, this winter, isn't far away :-) I slapped on some Z-Brace doors, but I never got around to putting the battens on. Basically I ran out of sawn siding. 800 sq. ft. wasn't nearly enough wood! I had to mill a couple more trees just to have enough for the doors. The problem is that once you slice hemlock as thin as 1", you start to see alot more shake (splitting between growth rings) Of course you don't see it until you go to crosscut a board and it just falls into two pieces :-(Hmmm, my shed just got a whole lot smaller, and the lawn mower still needs to be put away.I noticed the crows seem to like my new roof, which didn't bother me until I noticed they have actually been ripping off my shingles. Muther F*&%$!! Time find a real scare crow.On to indoor activities: Bridgeport Mill :-)